I can not believe it is already beginnin of May… Last couple weeks have been a roller coaster as I learnt I have to move out from the house I live in, leaving behind the precious place in which I work and teach.
It is really another occasion to practise letting go, and trust that movement always brings newness. Appart from a couple of anxious moments, I mostly am quite curious to discover what life will present.

There is no doubt anymore, spring made its way back home and I am very excited about all that May is bringing up!

RESIDENCY at the Jennihouse
I will be working on my project Veridis with my good friend and musical partner Malorie Gendreau. As a multidisciplinary performance including standing hoop, aerial silk, original music, dance, this allegorical piece explores the journey towards self that arises from being transplanted into another space.

Ignated by the magic and complex sound of a Koshi chime, the mutlidisciplonary performance Veridis has been in development since September 2020. It is so fascinating to see it grow at its own pace, slowly but surely.

You can watch an excerpt of the performance right here

Save the date! We should present part of our work on May 19th during the Whitehorse Market.

May 27th, 12-1pm
Presented by the KIAC
in Dawson
We played Olivier’s beautiful music last March, and I was so thrilled to be part of that ensemble – he really got me to practise my bass chops! ✌️

The Olivier Clements Ensemble will feature Andy Slade on piano, Toby Moisey on alto flute, Lorène Charmetant on upright bass, and Lonnie Powell on drums and percussion. The performance, presented by the KIAC – Klondike Institute of art and culture, will feature brand new music composed by Olivier Clements during his recent artist residency at the Jenni House.
May 27th, 7:30 pm
at the KIAC-Dënäkär Zho Ballroom in Dawson

This show has already postponed 3 times due to Covid! Although I am keeping my fingers crossed, I am confident that this is the one.
I will be presenting my jazz project, a mix of originals and repertoire songs by famous jazz singers that speak through my heart. The magic will be shared and sustained by gifted musicians Dave Haddock (bass), Daniel Janke (piano), Lonnie Powell (drums) and Olivier Clements (trumpet).

Last week, my very dear choir was invited to sing for the Pickled Beets event. Someone said we looked like minions – and it is true, a condensed of cuteness!
I feel extremely grateful to be a close witness of their subtle mix of emotions, somewhere between joy, nervousness and excitement.
Click below to hear their beautiful voices and and feel their energy!
Now the winter session is just ended, and I am taking a break from teaching for the summer. I’ll be resuming in the fall, in a new place that I am curious to discover 🙂
My good friend Olivier reminded me of that stunning version of the Bolero, sang by the immense Angélique Kidjo.
It brought back to my memory the French movie Les uns et les autres, a fresque that follows four families, with different nationalities (French, German, Russian, and American) but with the same passion for music, from the 1930s to the 1980s, and in which dancer Jorge Donn interprets Béjart’s choreography of the Boléro.
I dropped a couple tears hearing Angélique’s version again, as it is a reminder that uniting the most beautiful of different cultures creates true wonders.

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