Aurore, monts d’or, mon corps ne trouve pas sommeil

Et l’été la nuit est éternelle

A journey through self

Veridis brings us to explore the depth of our interiority, unveiling the distress of uprooting, joy of self-exploration, darkness of doubts, shades of nostalgia, enchantment of hope. 

Inspired by nature

Deeply rooted in our adoptive Yukon landscape, this allegorical piece celebrates the land who helped us dig into our inner foundations. Here, circus objects are part of a sound and movement poem reflecting that journey towards self. 

Yukon’s natural beauty has inspired us to create this performance through different mediums we have learnt over the years. Combining original music compositions, aerial silk, hoop, dance, and visual arts, veridis is expressing the humility and gratefulness to be allowed on this majestic land.