Hi! I hope you are having a beautiful springtime, enjoying that warm sun bringing energy and life! Just like us peaking out of our homes to check out the sun, music is also getting out of hibernation as restrictions start to lift up – YES! That means, concerts are scheduled, and very likely to happen, isn’t it a miracle?!  From a musician perspective, that means back to rehearsing, building up with others, exploring together – in other words, it is delightfully stimulating.

I will be playing a couple shows in the next few weeks!

March 26th, 7:30 pm
at the KIAC-Dënäkär Zho Ballroom in Dawson

I will be presenting my jazz project, a mix of originals and repertoire songs by famous jazz singers that speak through my heart. The magic will be shared and sustained by gifted musicians Dave Haddock (bass), Daniel Janke (piano), Lonnie Powell (drums) and Olivier Clements (trumpet).

April 1st, 8:00 pm
at the Heart of Riverdale, Whitehorse
The Olivier Clements Ensemble will feature Andy Slade on piano, Toby Moisey on alto flute, Adrian Burrill on trumpet and flugelhorn, Lorène Charmetant on upright bass, and Lonnie Powell on drums and percussion. The performance, presented by the Heart of Riverdale, will feature brand new music composed by Olivier Clements during his recent artist residency at the Jenni House.

BRIGITTE JARDIN at the Honky Tonk dance
April 8th
8:00 pm ‣ 2-step dance class
8:30 pm ‣ show
at the Local bar, Whitehorse
A bunch of musicians are getting together to make you dance – Brigitte Jardin, Lonnie Powell, Kieran Poile, Ryan McNally, Kevin Barr, Ellorie McKnight and more… Come and 2-step the pandemic away with us!


Springbreak is over, I am just starting my last session of teaching before summer break (until end of April), and so grateful to have my students back! AND! After a break of a few weeks for due to sanitary restrictions, the choir is finally back together – what a joy to have all these voices singing together!

Finally, I’d like to share with you my latest musical hit. Strangely maybe, I don’t listen to a lot of music, and silence is my very precious friend. From this quiet perspective, Music makes so much sense and I can appreciate in its full, absolute way.
My friend/student made me discover that artist, and I have been hooked since… Lean back for 5 minutes, and listen 🙂 I would love to hear from you! Please drop me a line if you have any question, comment, thought to share, etc…